Presenter Information

Speaker Ready Room: Lake, Third Floor

Be sure to check the detailed agenda to ensure you have the right date, time, and room for your presentation.

All PowerPoint presentations must be setup in 16:9 format.

Click here to for instructions on how to setup your presentation in 16:9 format or download a blank PowerPoint template for your presentation.

Please bring your presentation on a USB drive to facilitate loading the file onto the session computer.

General Session Presenters

  • Please turn in your slides to the AV tech table in the Grand Ballroom at least 90 minutes prior to your presentation.
  • Please Note: Friday night presenters must submit their slides via email by February 26 to Kate(at)
  • Presentations will be run by the AV technicians and the presenter will have a slide advancing remote.
  • Presenters will have a confidence monitor and speaker timer visible from the stage.
  • Keynote presenters will have the option of using the podium microphone or a lavaliere microphone. Panel presentations will have table microphones.
  • Presentations will be video recorded and archived by Fair Trade Campaigns.

Breakout Session Presenters

  • Please go to the room in which you will present 10 minutes prior to the start of your session.
  • A PC Laptop with PowerPoint will be available on the podium.
  • No audio will be connected to the podium laptop. 
  • A projector and audio connection via HDMI or MiniDisplay Port are also available if you choose to present from your personal computer.
  • A Fair Trade Campaigns volunteer will be seated in a reserved seat near the podium to assist with monitoring your presentation time. The volunteer will alert you at the following increments: 10 minutes remaining, 5 minutes remaining, 1 minute remaining, times up.
  • Due to the robust program, it is critical presentations remain on-time.
  • If you encounter any issues, please alert the volunteer and they will expedite the arrival of the AV technician.