Stiller Family Foundation Networking Dinner

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The Stiller Family Foundation, established by the founder of Green Mountain Coffee, has been the single biggest investor in the work of Fair Trade Campaigns over the years. Their vision for a national network of Fair Trade advocates influencing the purchasing behavior of their communities and institutions guides our work to this day. This year, the Foundation provided scholarships to allow nearly 100 advocates to join us in Washington DC. They are also hosting our dinner on Saturday night so that this unique gathering of knowledgeable and passionate Fair Trade champions can engage in a wide-ranging conversation about the future of our movement. We are grateful for their ongoing support and look forward to a vibrant discussion over this special dinner.

Discussion Topics Will Include:

***Click on the links below to review discussion questions and resources related to each topic.***

  1. Climate Change and Fair Trade: Sustainability, Adaptation, and Resilience
  2. UN Sustainable Development Goals through the Lens of Fair Trade
  3. Fair Trade’s Role in Ending Modern Day Slavery
  4. Buy Local, Buy Fair: Connecting Local and Global Advocacy
  5. 2050 Vision: The Future of Fair Trade

The buffet dinner will be hosted in the South Gallery, with seating in Salon GH, Room AB and Room DE.

Discussion topics will be scattered throughout the three rooms. Tables will be indicated by the number that corresponds with the topics listed above. Click on the links above to review questions and resources related to each topic.