Camila Rice-Aguilar

Camila Rice-Aguilar began her journey with the Fair Trade movement at a young age. From cacao farms in the Dominican Republic to rug factories in India, Camila grew up visiting fair trade communities and learning about desperate poverty, unsafe working conditions, and environmental destruction. Hearing first-hand from producers around the world awakened her to the impact of Fair Trade in improving lives and protecting the environment through simple everyday actions. With this inspiration, Camila brought the movement to her high school in 2015, founding a campaign that led Berkeley High School to become the 23rd official Fair Trade high school in the country. Camila and her team helped introduce Fair Trade products onto campus and raise awareness about conscious consumerism and sustainable supply chains. Now, Camila is working on bringing Fair Trade to Brown University as the cofounder of a new campaign. She is inspired to continue organizing and advocating for Fair Trade principles on college campuses—working with dining administration, faculty and students—to empower the community to use their dollar for change.