Campus Partner Program

Fair Trade Campaigns’ strategic plan holds up Colleges & Universities as the lynch-pin for driving Fair Trade forward and the National Conference seeks to bolster that mission.

Your work advocating for Fair Trade on your campus has contributed to the growth of our movement and your presence at the 2020 National Conference will help make the event a success. You have talked to your peers about Fair Trade and your work has inspired others to take action. You have built and maintained partnerships to embed Fair Trade into your campus community. Your attendance at the conference will increase your professional network of fellow advocates, brands, nonprofits and producers and will provide the tools and knowledge you need to make an even greater impact.

Read on for guidance on how to make the case for your campus funding your attendance at the conference and how to enroll your college or university as a Campus Partner.

Your College or University as a Campus Partner

Any campus that covers registration for three or more students, staff or faculty’s attendance* at the conference will be recognized through:

  • Inclusion on the Fair Trade Campaigns Conference website as an official campus partner
  • Feature in a blog post thanking our campus partners in advance of the conference
  • Feature in a social media post recognizing campus partners’ commitment to providing this opportunity to their students
  • Recognition at the conference via signage and in conference announcements

To access discounted tickets and identify your school as a Campus Partner, please enter CAMPUSPARTNER in the Coupon Code field at the end of the registration form.

*In past years, the majority of attendees who enrolled their campus as a Campus Partner were also able to secure funding from their campus to cover their travel and hotel. We strongly encourage students, staff and faculty to pursue funding for the full cost of their conference attendance.

Making the Case For Your Campus to Fund Your Attendance

In talking with your supervisor, department head and other potential funders on your campus about your attendance at the conference, we recommend you:

  • Explain the value of developing relationships with students, staff and faculty from across the country to exchange ideas and learn from one another.
  • Discuss networking opportunities and exposure to a wide range of brands and nonprofits working to expand the impact and visibility of Fair Trade and acting at the forefront of values-driven business.
  • Articulate how you can help your campus meet their sustainability goals and gain recognition as an institutional thought-leader as well as how attending the conference will help you expand your understanding of how Fair Trade advocacy efforts on campus contribute to those solutions.
  • Offer to share what you will learn at the conference with your campus and the surrounding community by hosting a presentation or writing an article following the conference.
  • Share the opportunity for your campus to be recognized as a Campus Partner (details below).

Campus Funding Resources

Campus Funding Resource
Reference our campus funding resource for tips and ideas on where to ask for funding.

Sample Ask Letter
Access a sample letter that you can send to your supervisor, department head or other potential sources of funding on your campus to sponsor your attendance at the conference.

VIDEO | Strategy Call
Watch a recording of a 2019 Campus Partner strategy call, led by Campus & Community Engagement Manager Kylie Nealis. The video includes an overview of the Campus Partner program plus tips and resources to help you secure funding from your school.

Please let us know if additional resources or information would be helpful in making your case to attend the Fair Trade Campaigns National Conference. Contact Campus & Community Engagement Manager Kylie Nealis at

2020 Campus Partners


This summer, Mount Saint Mary's University in Los Angeles opens its new Center for Global Initiatives with a bold goal: By 2025, the University expects that at least 50 percent of its baccalaureate students will graduate with significant, life-changing global experiences. (PRNewsFoto/Mount Saint Mary's University)

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