Iris Montaño-Madrigal

Marketing Manager

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Iris Montaño-Madrigal is the Marketing Manager for Covilli Brand Organics, a small family owned company that farms out of Sonora, Mexico; in business since 1993. Since becoming Fair Trade Certified in 2015, Covilli has generated over $800 thousand dollars in Community Development Premiums that have supported projects addressing the most prevalent needs identified by the workers. Projects have focused on health and nutrition, while also uplifting living conditions. The most recent project was the construction of a Health Clinic, built and operated by the Fair Trade Committee. 

Covilli is the first and only 100% Organic, 100% Fair Trade grower and marketer in the U.S. Recently working with outside growers, the company’s goal is to have other partner growers become Fair Trade Certified as well.