Jailan Adly

Chief Executive Officer


Jailan Adly is a global development expert who believes in the power of strategic partnerships to tackle and solve our most complex global challenges. A self-proclaimed social impact alchemist, Jailan has spent her career forging mutually-beneficial partnerships between diverse stakeholders from the private, public, and social sectors to building the capacity of impact-driven initiatives and organizations around the world.Jailan has a strong background in non-profit capacity building and has assessed and supported more than 300+ community development organizations and programs to evaluate the highest opportunities for collaboration, investment, and impact.

At Rising Sun Energy Center, where she became the organization’s first Deputy Director, she honed her ability to build and scale non-profit operations and infrastructure by developing long-lasting strategic partnerships. Through her work with PYXERA Global and the Taproot Foundation she designed and implemented inspiring corporate engagement programs for Fortune 500 companies including IBM, Novartis, SAP, John Deere, and Medtronic in over 20 countries including in Ghana, India, Indonesia, South Africa, Tanzania, and the US. She also designed and lead global fluency trainings to prepare business professionals to provide high-caliber consulting services to enterprises, entrepreneurs, and NGOs in emerging and frontier markets.

Most recently, she supported the roll-out of Impact Atlas, a real-time intelligence platform transforming the way social programs are managed and financed. Jailan holds a BA in International Affairs and a Master’s in Tourism from The George Washington University.