Career Fair & Expo

The Career Fair & Expo will provide opportunities for conference attendees to discover and learn from a wide range of brands, businesses and nonprofit organizations. Engage in informative conversations, browse Fair Trade products available for sale and explore a vibrant new space for learning and networking at the 2019 National Conference.

In a special offering for students and young professionals, the Career Fair & Expo will create space to build relationships, expand professional networks and learn new skills to help prepare for careers in sustainability, social entrepreneurship and Fair Trade. Developed in partnership with the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, the Career Fair will connect students and young professionals with organizational leaders in sustainability and social justice. Scheduled presentations will introduce attendees to a variety of organizations and opportunities for involvement, from volunteering to internships to jobs. In addition, industry experts will host a series of quick-fire presentations on valuable and relevant professional development topics: The Art of Interviewing and Unleashing the Power of LinkedIn.

The Art of Interviewing

The art of interviewing is not about getting a job; it’s about getting the right job. This presentation will put you on the path to success by providing strategies for setting yourself apart from the herd, overcoming challenging questions or topics and building your own personal network so that you get the interview in the first place.

Unleashing the Power of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is transforming how we build, deepen and leverage our relationships to make job searches easier and more successful, but too many young professionals are slow to adopt this powerful technology. (Spoiler alert: just having a LinkedIn profile is not enough!) Learn how you can leverage LinkedIn to find not just a job, but a great career.

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Co-hosted by the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance.